Financial Information

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The costs associated with treatment can vary according to a patient’s circumstances. The most common scenarios are as follows:

For patients treated in Private HospitalsFor patients treated at The Maitland Public Hospital

Privately Insured Patients

Dr Harbury operates a variable schedule of fees for performing orthopaedic surgery. This will often involve a Gap cover arrangement (where your health fund pays the full amount and no gap is paid). It may on occasion include a gap payment from yourself.

If a gap fee is applicable in your situation this would be explained before surgery and a printed schedule of fees given to for your review and acceptance before surgery is undertaken.

It should be noted that not all “private” medical insurance policies cover orthopaedic surgery in private hospitals. If unsure you should check with your insurer.

Compensable Patients

This includes Dr Harbury’s patients covered for Orthopaedic surgery under Worker’s Compensation, CTP (compulsory third party motor insurance), MAA (motor accident and authority), DVA (Veteran’s Affairs) or under other similar organisations who accept liability for your presenting medical condition.

Patients in this category will be expected to have a claim number and paperwork from the relevant authority when they attend.

There would usually be no charge to the patient for rooms, consultations (or other treatments), assuming liability for your condition is accepted by the relevant authority.

This can be a confusing area for patients. Dr Harbury is familiar with patients in this situation and would be happy to assist where possible.

Self Funded Patients

Some patients who are not insured or compensable wish to have specialist Orthopaedic surgery in a private hospital at a time of their convenience. Dr Harbury would be very happy to consult with you in his rooms to review your problem and discuss your options for treatment if you are in this category.

If orthopaedic surgery was thought appropriate for your condition a printed schedule of all fees could be provided for your consideration.

These fees can only be determined following your consultation. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to call us on [site_phone] during office hours.

The items to be paid for self-funded surgery are as follows:
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon’s fee
  • Assistant Surgeon’s fee (usually 20% of Surgeon’s fee)
  • Anaesthetist’s fee
  • Hospital fees
    • fees for day stay or overnight stay
    • fees for utilisation of operating theatre (plus consumables)
    • fees for any implantable medical device use, eg joint replacement or fixation devices for soft tissue reconstruction
  • Possibly fees for physiotherapy, radiology or pathology.

Patients treated in the public health system under Medicare will not be subjected to any costs regarding surgery. They will be charged for any pre-operative consultation in Dr Harbury’s private rooms. Post-operative consultations will all occur at Maitland Public Hospital and will have no cost.

It should be noted however that the waiting list for surgery in the public hospital tends to be 12 months for all procedures, this is as per the NSW Health Department recommendations. The waiting list for surgery is managed by the public hospital and the patients are treated in chronological order. Dr Harbury has very limited capacity to affect this.

In addition, the lack of access to public operating sessions provided by the Health Department means that it is necessary for Dr Harbury to limit the number of public new patients that he sees, as it is inappropriate for him to see new public patients if he cannot offer them surgery within the Health Department Guidelines time. This may mean that public patients wait a number of months to gain access for review.

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has asked the NSW Health Department to reflect this hidden wait by describing the “time to surgery” rather than the time on the public hospital operating list but they have so far declined to do so. You should also be aware that Maitland Public Hospital is a teaching hospital and, as such, Registrars will be closely involved in your care, including possibly performing your surgery under Dr Harbury’s supervision.